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Prams, Buggies and Pushchairs for Dolls

If you know a young child who loves dolls, then a doll's pram will make a perfect gift. We have hand picked the very best dolls prams, pushchairs and buggies, so you don't need to spend hours searching through all the toy shops and toy web sites; you can find the right dolls pram here, quickly and easily. Our choice includes dolls prams to suit all tastes and budgets - from vintage style dolls prams, to simple pushchairs and dolls buggies. We have prams suitable for all a variety of ages too, including chunky, wooden dolls prams that are perfect for toddlers, or grander, old fashioned style dolls prams for older children. Plus our "Dolls Pram Price Checker" is updated constantly, so you can be sure to find the best deals and prices.

Best deals and Most popular Doll's Prams

See our links on the right for all types of different dolls prams, from different brands, to popular colours such as pink doll's prams, styles or material, such as wooden dolls prams. Or look through the full range of Doll's Prams here. We're sure you will find the right pram for your special girl - and at the right price too!

Our Doll's Pram Price Check

Find the best deals and prices for doll's prams. Our web site is updated constantly to bring you the best prices available for doll's prams, pushchairs and buggies - so there's no need to go racing around all the web sites. Everything you need when buying a doll's pram is here. We have included the best doll's prams around, from all the major, trusted Doll's Pram stockists in UK.

Find the Right Doll's Pram

We all know that young children love their dolls, and how they love nothing more than playing mum or dad, taking their favourite dolls out and about for a stroll in a pram, pushchair or buggy. Finding the right doll's pram is easy - our web site includes every popular model, from all of the UK's main doll's pram stockists.

Doll's Pram Ideas - How to Choose

If you're not sure which doll's pram to choose, then consider 3 important things: brand, colour and style.

Doll's Pram by Brand:

Choose from one of the most popular brands, such as Silver Cross or Mamas and Papas. These companies make "big prams" as used by grown ups. But their Silver Cross and Mamas and Papas dolls pram models (or junior prams) look just like the grown up version. Which, after all, is what little girls want; to look just like a grown up! Other popular brands include the Baby Annabell doll's pram range. Baby Annabell dolls are so popular with all little girls, and their super pram range is a big hit too. These prams aren't just for Baby Annabell dolls though - they're great for all kinds of dolls, and teddy bears or any other favourite toy that needs a stroll in a pram for that matter.

Doll's Pram by Colour:

There's only 1 popular colour amongst little girls. A pink doll's pram is by far the most requested colour. See all available pink doll's prams here.

Doll's Prams by Style:

Little girls are so lucky these days - there's a huge range of prams available that are just perfect for their little dolls and toys. See the amazing vintage doll's prams, for example; or the wonderful Wicker doll's prams. Or perhaps you are buying for a little girl who has twin dolls! In which case it's very important to have a twin doll's pram, or tandem doll's pram. Obviously!

A doll's pram will make any little girl very happy. There are doll's prams available for toddlers (see the Baby Annabell Prams for example) as well as for girls aged 4 and upwards, such as the Silver Cross Prams. A doll's pram is a great gift and will give any little girl many happy hours of playing.

dolls prams

Baby Dolls

We have treid to focus on doll's prams on this website, but it shouldn't be overlooked that there are many wonderful baby dolls for children available. Once you see the amazing Baby Annabell prams and accessories for example, you will want to know more about the Baby Annabell Dolls if you don't have one already. Baby Annabell is an amazing little doll, so life-like and so loved by al little girls (best for girls 3 years and above). And now they have introduced the hugely anticipated Baby Annabell Versions.

But there are plenty more wonderful dolls around, such as the Baby Born dolls, another very life like little doll, which as the name suggests, is designed to look similar to a newly born baby. The Baby Born dolls are available as little girl, ethnic and little boy models. There are also the classic Tiny Tears dolls, which have been around since the 1950s, and are world famous for their "real tears". And last but not least, the Baby Stella dolls. These are super soft dolls and make a great "first doll", perfect for toddlers and girls under 3 years. And don't forget, every little girl wants to play at being a grown up, looking after her favourite dolls, and taking them out and about in a doll's pram.

There are plenty of example of other dolls that, although not really made for pushing around in a dolls pram, will still be very popular with any youngster. For example, see the amazing Barbie Video Girl dolls, which are everything a Barbie doll should be, plus a real life working video camera! Or perhaps consider the hugely collectable Liv Dolls. And following the success of the film, also see the loveable Toy Story 3 Talking Woody dolls.

We aim to search through all the toy shops and web sites to hand pick the very best in dolls and dolls prams. We hope we can help you find the right dolls prams for you.

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