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Best Dolls Prams to Buy

Not sure which dolls pram to buy?

There's a lot of choice when it comes to dolls prams. So we have tried our best to make some suggestions below regarding which dolls pram to buy. Of course these are only suggestions. For more choice of prams, see the links on the right.

Best Dolls Pram for Younger Children

Toddlers and younger children love these little wooden prams. They are almost like a mini wheelbarrow or truck in many ways, although obviously a lot prettier, since they come in lovely girly colours, such as pink, white and violet. Younger children love these prams because they are very easy to push along, but more importantly, they are very low and so are easy to access. Getting dolly or teddy in or out of the pram is nice and simple for them. We also like the fact that these super little prams are wooden - they have a lovely, traditional look about them, and its comforting to know the prams are made from natural materials. See a nice selection of toddlers dolls prams below, or see more wooden dolls prams here.

Best Dolls Pram for Girls aged around 4 upwards

For slightly older girls, by far the most popular dolls prams are either the Silver Cross prams, or the Mamas and Papas dolls prams. They love all the look and style of the and it seems every little girl wants one of these wonderful prams because they are so similar to the "grown up" versions. Indeed, the grown up prams by these two brands are just as popular with parents! Both the Silver Cross and Mamas and Papas prams come in a variety of styles, from pushchair to modern 3 wheel jogger style, all the way to the magnificent traditional look of the Silver Cross Oberon heritage prams. It's possible to find many great extras that come with these dolls prams too, such as a shopping tray, sun parasol, pram hood and even a matching accessories bag. If you're buying a dolls pram as a gift, then we're sure a Silver Cross or Mamas and Papas pram will make any little girls very happy indeed. Plus it's comforting for us adults that they are also very well made and durable too. See our small selection below, or see more Silver Cross dolls prams here, or more Mamas and Papas dolls prams here.

Choosing the right dolls prams for you: There are many different dolls prams, in a range of styles and prices to suit everyone. The above information is simply given as a suggestion only. See our links on the top right for all the different styles, brands and types of prams available.

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