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Silver Cross Doll's Prams

Quality Doll's Prams from Silver Cross

Silver Cross are renowned for making quality prams - in all sizes! And their "junior" range is everything you expect from this famous pram maker. Silver Cross make a variety of doll's prams, suitable for children aged 3 years and upwards. The Silver Cross range includes buggies, joggers, classic prams and the wonderful vintage style Oberon Heritage Range.

The best prices and deals on Silver Cross Doll's Prams:

Silver Cross Doll's Pram - 3 Wheel Jogger

Modern mums like to keep fit with a "jogger" pram, and why should kids be any different! The Silver Cross Jogger is lightweight, and comes with 3 wheels for easy steering and speed. These prams come in a range of colours, including the ever popular Pistachio Silver Cross Pram. The jogger is also available as a twin doll's pram, which is always a hit with little girls with more than one favourite dolly!

Silver Cross Jogger Dolls Pram

Silver Cross Vintage Doll's Pram - Oberon Heritage Prams

The Silver Cross Heritage dolls prams are probably the best of all dolls prams and are at the very top of the range. If you know a special little girl who deserves only the best, then this Silver Cross dolls pram will make the perfect present. These dolls prams are styled on the classic, coach built prams and carriage prams of years gone by. But they are more than just a cheap copy. These prams are made to last, and will make the perfect heir loom, handed from mother to daughter for years to come. In fact, the Silver Cross heritage dolls prams are hand built in England! Who would have thought you can still get something like that specially made for children these days! These prams have a hard wearing basin (or body), complete with polished enamel finish, and even some hand painted touches. The beautiful and elegant hood is waterproof, as is the apron, so you will have no worries about taking dolly out for a walk when the rain comes. This is an easy pram to push, and has lovely, old fashioned spoke wheels, a sprung chassis for when the way is a bit bumpy, and even a handbrake. Make no mistake, just because these prams are made for dolls doesn't mean Silver Cross have cut corners. The quality is here for everyone to see, and these vintage style doll's prams are made with all the quality you would expect from Silver Cross, who made a similar full size range, with prices from 1000. The looks and styling are unmistakably classic. Indeed there's something of the Mary Poppins about the looks of this pram, and these elegant dolls prams are certainly something a top nanny would be proud of!

Silver Cross Dolls Pram

Silver Cross Ranger Doll's Pram

This lovely little pram comes with a range of extras, like a shopping tray, rain hood, and handy shopping bag. Little girls know these are essentials for all busy mums! This pram is a sturdy little thing, and has an extra strong steel chassis. It also folds flat for easy storage.

If you want to treat a little girl to a special pram for her dolls, Silver Cross offer some of the best doll's prams available today. See above for our choice of the best range of Silver Cross dolls prams available to buy in UK.

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