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Twin Doll's Prams

Tandem and Twin Prams for Dolls

Sometimes it's impossible to choose which is your favourite dolly. So what better than to have a pram that can hold two! Twin doll's prams and tandem doll's prams are increasingly popular and needn't be any more expensive than a single pram. Twin dolls prams may be a little bigger than a standard dolls pram, but only an extra doll size bigger, which isn't much after all. There are some fine twin dolls prams available, including pushchairs, buggies and joggers, and we have picked out the best and most popular below.

Some of the most popular twin doll's prams:

Twin Doll's Pram Joggers

Perfect for two dolls! These "Side by Side" twin doll's prams have plenty of room for two dolls (or teddy bears...) next to one another. But they are also built for pushing. A jogger pram is exactly that - built for pushing along easily and quickly. These super modern style prams have become a real hit in the "big world" and modern mums and dads like to keep fit with a "jogger pram". And of course why should kids be any different! What mum or dad does, so baby wants to. A Jogger pram is lightweight, and usually comes with 3 wheels for easy steering and speed. Jogger prams are made by a number of brands, the most popular being Silver Cross Prams.

Twin Doll's Prams - Twin and Tandem Doll's Prams

Baby Born Twin Jogger Dolls Pram

The Baby Born Pram range includes a few twin pram models, such as the Twin Jogger dolls pram below. This is quite a well made, well priced little pram, and designed specially for carrying 2 little dolls comfortably. The Baby Born Twin Jogger comes in bright (super bright!) pink - a colour sure to appeal to any little girl. The jogger is every bit as functional as a "grown up" pram - it even reclines and folds up, should you need to take it on the bus or fit it in the back of the car. The jogger comes with an adjustable handle, so the height of the pram can be changed. Baby Born dolls prams are available from Amazon. You can also see a range of of Baby Born doll's prams here.

Twin Doll's Pram

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