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Vintage Doll's Prams

It's hard to find antique doll's prams these days, but doll's pram makers have filled the gap nicely, with some beautiful old fashioned, classic designs, mixed with quality materials and modern comforts. The Silver Cross Heritage doll's prams are probably some of the finest doll's prams around, with their amazing vintage looks and wonderful quality. These are very special dolls prams indeed. But there are also some lovely wicker vintage style prams too. These have classic old fashioned styling, as well as natural finish and materials. Any little girl would be proud to take her doll out in these prams!

Some of the most popular Vintage doll's prams:

Silver Cross Vintage Doll's Pram - Oberon Heritage Prams

There has been a real resurgence in interest in old fashioned style prams, and not just for kids either. Many people are looking for vintage prams either as collectors items, or to use as a good, old fashioned solid pram. Particularly popular are the Silver Cross coach built prams, and the same goes for their dolls prams too! Who would have thought it's possible to buy such a beautifully made pram, but for dolls! The Silver Cross Heritage prams are right at the top of the range. If you're looking to give a little girl a real treat, then this pram will surely hit the spot. But more than that, these prams are so well made, with such classic styling, they will stay in the family for ever, and become a real treasured heir loom, passed from mother to daughter for years to come. There's truly something of the Mary Poppins about the looks of this dolls pram. These Silver Cross vintage style prams are certainly something any top nanny would be proud of! They are seriously well built, and made with all the quality you would expect from Silver Cross prams. In fact they once made a similar full size range, with prices from 1000!

Vintage Doll's Prams

Silver Cross Vintage Doll's Prams are sometimes available from John Lewis and Toys R Us, but you have to be quick. They can be quite hard to get hold of, and usually fly off the shelves once in stock.

Old Fashioned Wicker Dolls Pram

These old fashioned wicker prams are something from days gone by, and wouldn't look out of place in Victorian England, or even turn of the century southern states of America! What makes these prams special is that they have a lovely, homely feel to them. A little girl could be sure that her dolls were safe and happy in this wonderful little vintage style pram. It comes complete with lace hood and covers, for that true old fashioned look. These vintage style prams are usually available from Amazon and from time to time also at Toyday.

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